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Maidan Feb. 20th: Instytutska St.

Фото: Rich Myers - independent photographer, screen printer, and interview-collector.

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Statement on Euromaidan project

In February 2014 I traveled to Kyiv, Ukraine in order to investigate what was occurring in the Euromaidan movement for myself. While my interests initially focused on capturing the spirit of the occupation on Independence Square, during the clashes between Euromaidan “self-defense” forces and government riot police between February 18th-20th, I shot as many photos or video from the front of conflict as possible, following in the shadow of “self-defense” members as they attempted to drive back or, in some cases, openly engage police units.

I followed Euromaidan forces from the center of Independence Square through a retaken October Palace, ending in the open sniper fire on Instytutska St. after police lines were somehow broken.  After a bullet penetrated the shield of a man to my front, I returned to the Square.

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